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Sears Home Services


Service Name Sears Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning
Web Site https://www.searsclean.com/
Type Carpet, upholstery and air duct cleaning
Uses Cleaning of pet hair, dander and smells associated with pet ownership.
Approval Status APA 5 Star Approved
Testing Results Air duct cleaning was reported to be extremely effective by our testers. One tester mentioned that the Sears rep made a mark on their carpet while bringing the machine to her basement and had a carpet cleaner out within 45 minutes to fully remove the mark. Multiple testers contacted us a month after the service and said they had significantly less dust in the house and were overly pleased.

Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning were similar in process and chemicals used. Machinery used seems to be top in its class and very effective. Training seems to be more than adequate and franchisee owners and employees seem knowledgeable and competent. All of the APA testers were 100% pleased with the service they received.
Recommendation A clean pet environment is an important part of responsible pet ownership. One of the few legitimate downsides to pet ownership is that they contribute to a dirtier home. This can lead to family members being dissatisfied, or in worse cases, the pet not be allowed into the family home, or restricted to certain areas. We strongly promote companion animals as being unrestricted members of a household which is of benefit to both the pet and pet owning family.
APA Advice Sears maintains high standards throughout this division and we recommend using their services on an annual or semi annual basis as a part of being a responsible pet owner.
Consumer Comment Rating New approval, no feedback received yet.
Approval ID# 40165





Please note: The APA does not test for chemicals or ingestion for any product,  Our approval is consumer based to determine if the product is as advertised and provides a value to pet owners. During testing this service and related products did not show any reasonable safety risks not described here, however we do not guarantee any service or product is completely safe.  Care for the safety of pets, children and adults  is the users' responsibility and should be taken seriously.  Ongoing testing and feedback is monitored and the approval status will be changed if a legitimate concern is detected or reported.



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