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Safe Haven Advocate Pet Care

& Photography

Business Name Safe Haven Advocate Pet Care & Photography
Web Site www.safehavenadvocatepetcare.com
Type Pet Care - Pet Sitting, Home Care, Walking &  Photography
Uses Cats and dogs
Approval Status APA 5 Star Approved
Approval Results A+
Recommendation References were overwhelmingly positive and all indications are that this is an exemplary business.
APA Advice The care services that this business provides are highly recommended by the APA. In home care and regular walking helps to reduce stress and anxiety in pets. Using an outstanding provider like Carrie allows your pet to get to know her, making any interaction more enjoyable and productive for the pet.
Consumer Comment Rating New approval, no feedback received yet.
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Approval ID# 36551



Carrie Feinberg - Owner
Safe Haven Advocate Pet Care & Photography


Disclaimer: The APA does not test for chemicals or ingestion for any product.  Our approval is consumer based to determine if the business is as advertised and provides a value to pet owners. During approval this business did not show any unethical practices, inhumane actions, or consumer complaints. We have determined through our investigation that this is an ethical and reliable business, however we can not guarantee any business is completely ethical and safe.  Care for the safety of pets, children and adults  is the users' responsibility and should be taken seriously.  Ongoing activities and feedback is monitored and the approval status will be changed if a legitimate concern is detected or reported.



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