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Product Name NaviGate Portable Pet Gate
Web Site http://thenavigate.com/
Type Pet Gate - Portable
Uses Dogs, puppies and adults
(also for cats however not tested for cats)
Approval Status APA 5 Star Approved
Testing Results Product was very well made and
functioned as advertised.
Recommendation When traveling with your pet you should always be courteous to your environment.

Bringing this gate to a friends home when traveling will be appreciated as a responsible act, as the gate is attractive and does not cause damage to doorways when properly used. It effectively contains a well behaved dog.
APA Advice This is an excellent gate with a high quality travel case. It is very attractive and easy to use, once you learn its operation. Once in place it is very strong.

The mechanism is unique and we recommend following the directions closely to learn how to operate it.

Not recommended for destructive dogs or puppies as the fabric can be breached by a determined dog.

Please note: If your dog is trying to force through a gate there are other behavior and/or environmental issues that need to be addressed. A well behaved and happy dog will respect its boundaries.
Consumer Comment Rating New approval, no feedback received yet.
Approval ID# 36558


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Please note: The APA does not test for chemicals or ingestion for any product,  Our approval is consumer based to determine if the product is as advertised and provides a value to pet owners. During testing this product did not show any safety risks not described here, however we do not guarantee any product is completely safe.  Care for the safety of pets, children and adults  is the users' responsibility and should be taken seriously.  Ongoing testing and feedback is monitored and the approval status will be changed if a legitimate concern is detected or reported.



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